Christopher Hylarides

DevOps Engineer, urbanist, and traveller.

Digital Ocean FreeBSD status

I’ve setup this website on a FreeBSD droplet on Digital Ocean. I want to start off by saying that DO is a wicked cool service that is both relatively cheap, quick, and slick. However, there’s currently a problem with their FreeBSD droplets. I’m getting some bad packet loss which is killing the performance of the service, which is why the website is taking so long to load. It’s a known issue that they’re working on but they can’t/won’t give me a timeframe.

Blogging again!

Well it’s been years, but I’ve finally gotten around to blogging again. I’ve decided on Hugo as my blogging platform and I’m hosting it on a Digital Ocean FreeBSD droplet. I’ve also backported a couple of posts from previous blogs that I’ve ran. Let’s see how this goes.

OpenBSD sudo

$ sudo -s Password: Your mind just hasn’t been the same since the electro-shock, has it? Password: stty: unknown mode: doofus Password: :-D

Korean Differences

Some differences between South Korea and Canada: The cars are as big as back home, though there aren’t as many SUVs. The ones that do exist tend to be small. Koreans are bad drivers, but they don’t seem to get in many accidents. Gas is about 50% higher than Canada. They are constantly (re-)building here. Seoul is BIG, but the average street here isn’t much different the downtown Toronto.

Visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone

On Sunday, Andrie and I took a trip out the the DMZ with North Korea. Unfortunately the JSA was closed that day, so we didn’t get to see any North Korean Soldiers up close. It’s still a very weird place. Driving up to it the river Imjin straddles the highway. Since it flows from North Korea, they’ve fenced it off halfway to Seoul and there are armed guard towers every few hundred metres.